The Beginning of Happiness

Our business started with machine sewing kimonos, then soon established as a rental costume maintenance company.
Since then, we have expanded our business according to times and become a one-stop company supporting your “special day in life,” providing costume management, maintenance, storage, and delivery for coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation, Shichi-Go-San, and weddings.
In October 2013, we opened a logistics center in Asago, Hyogo, and at the request of our customers, we also entered the field of dress remaking and repairing.
We are never satisfied with our state, but we keep challenging ourselves, hoping to be a valued company that our customers continue to choose.

"We will continue to maximize the added value to the times' needs."

Company Overview

Our Business

■Total Kimono Treatment
Kimono washing, stain removal, repairing, pattern adding, and more.
Primary processing of Kimono such as hot water rinsing, crest insertion, guard processing, and more.
Kimono hand-sewing, machine tailoring, overseas hand-sewing, Obi tailoring
Kimono lining change, loosening repair, and more.

■Total Dress Treatment
Maintenance of wedding dresses, tuxedos, morning dresses, shirts, Uchikake, Kakeshita, Monpuku, and other general wedding attire
Resizing dresses
Remaking dresses into baby dresses, and more.
Custom-made dresses, boleros
Repairs for bags and clothing

■Management and logistics of rental products
We are a one-stop company for managing, maintenance, storage, and delivery of rental clothes.
We deliver from Tokamachi and Asago to customers all over Japan.
We also offer maintenance and repair services for accessories such as sandals and bags.

Head Office Address 16 Akashi-cho, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata, 948-0046
Telephone number 025-752-5181
Founded March 3, 1992
Established December 12, 1991
Paid-in Capital 50 million yen
Employees 113 (including 20 part-time employees)
Offices ■Head office
16 Akashi-cho, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata, 948-0046
■Honmachi Center
465-6 Yawata-cho, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata
■Asago Logistics Center
873 Awaga, Santo-cho, Asago-shi, Hyogo, Japan 669-5125

“Artisans” of Japanese wears

Kimono treatment requires special kind of techniques. From cleaning to delivery, our skills are polished every day to ensure customer satisfaction.

Whole Washing (Cleaning)

Before cleaning, Kimonos need to be classified as dry washing or water washing depending on the product.
The detergent contains an antibacterial agent to maintain cleanliness.

Araihari washing/removal of mold/steaming/guard processing (water-repellent treatment)


Stain Removal/Sweat Removal

Stains can be caused by various factors such as spills and sweat.
We use chemicals according to the stain and remove it.

High-tech sewing machine tailoring/hand-stitching/obi tailoring
Inspection/family crest insertion


Burns and Damage Repair

We use dyes to correct discoloration on kimono and obi caused by fluorescent light or sunlight.

Pattern adding

We draw a pattern on the unremovable stain for a natural look.

"Artisans" of western-style clothing

Western-style clothing requires the skills of a master. From cleaning to delivery, we polish our skills daily to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Resizing and remaking dresses, clothing, and bag

As wedding styles diversify, more brides are choosing secondhand dresses just like their daily clothing.
We take great care of the special dresses selected by our customers and resize and remake them to fit their own style after the wedding.
We not only alternate the width and length of the dress but also remake them into boleros and accessories.
For remaking, we give a new life to your beloved dress with our expertise and techniques by creating items such as baby dresses, swaddle blankets, miniatures, and accessories with original designs.

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